Plan Consulting

We have a shared goal: Creating a retirement plan that will enable your employees to enjoy a secure retirement. ChiXi delivers custom solutions to retirement plan sponsors. We address all aspects of your plan. This includes any compliance and operational issues as well as handling plan streamlining due to mergers or acquisitions. Our plan consulting service analyzes your current plan to identify any areas that fall short of your goal or that are potential compliance violations.

Fiduciary Partnership

We sign on as a third-party fiduciary to your organization’s retirement plan. This means that we share in your fiduciary obligation to ensure that your plan truly serves your participants. Because we are a Registered Investment Advisory Firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we are held to a higher standard of fiduciary responsibility.

Plan Document Design

Is your retirement plan structured efficiently? We will do an analysis of your plan to determine any areas that are not in alignment with your organization or are simply inefficient. We will redesign your plan so that it works for you.

Investment Selection, Monitoring, and Performance Benchmarking

We are investment advisors. We approach our retirement plan investment selection with the same prudence that we do with our high net worth individual clients. We customize your investment line up to fit the needs of your employees. We apply our proprietary investment discipline to your plan investments to help your employees meet their retirement goals.

Plan Fee Benchmarking

Are your plan fees reasonable? What elements make up your overall plan fee? We will deconstruct your plan costs and benchmark them to comparable plans so that you can compare apples to apples.

Vendor Liaison

Consider us an extension of your benefits team. Allow us to manage the relationship between you and your vendor. We will negotiate on your behalf with regard to fees and services. We are your advocate.

Fiduciary Education

The retirement plan regulatory landscape is dynamic. We prepare plan sponsors for this ever-changing environment by customizing an educational program that ensures that every member of your team understands current regulations as well as their fiduciary responsibility.

Participant Education

We are advisors. We believe that every member of your team deserves personal financial advice, not just the executives. Your team works hard for you and we work hard for them. At ChiXi this means giving each person in your organization access to individual consultations with a financial advisor who will provide them with an initial retirement assessment, a customized retirement strategy and annual sessions to ensure that they are on track. In addition, we provide coordination with their retirement plan investments and any outside accounts. Our financial advisors do not have quotas to hit and do not receive commission on products they recommend, so they can provide objective advice.


ChiXi Consultants is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (“Advisers Act”). The firm’s form ADV parts I and II can be found at